"My whole life I validated my self worth by running a football or hitting a home run as a child. I exceled at sports and this took me to earn a scholarship at a Division 1 football program. I attended Georgia tech to play football and baseball, but shortly before college, I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, and soon ran into complications with the control of my blood sugars.

In 2007, I literally lost the ability to walk, talk, or do something as simple as unlock my phone. I made the biggest mistake you can make as a diabetic and skipped out on eating for sleep.  Later that night I mentally fought against my powerless body to slide myself across my dorm room floors. It was spring break so campus was practically empty. When I finally made my way to the stairwell outside of my room I encountered 2 people, but sadly they thought I was intoxicated with alcohol so they did not help!  I slid down two flights of stairs, and out of the building where God had placed an angel and my friend. Thankfully, he called 911 and got me safely to a hospital.

When I gained back my motor skills, I vowed to never be helpless again due to skipping a meal. I also wanted begin to embrace how amazing the human body is, as I had taken this for granted in the past. This led me to take my first Yoga Class in 2007. I practice yoga to honor the power and control that God has blessed me with."